Face Yoga: Not So New Trend You Can Add To Your Exercise Routine

If you wish to achieve a toned and relaxed face just like yoga does for your body, consider adding face yoga to your routine exercise. It will not take you more than 10 minutes to give the special attention to your face. Yoga for the face involves relaxing your face, controlling your breathing and making particular movements that will help in improving blood circulation and nutrient transfer to areas with folds or creases such as on the forehead, brows, around the lips or on the sides of the eyes commonly referred to as crow’s-feet. Sometimes applying little pressure with the fingers can help in creating resistance for facial yoga exercises. This facial treatment is all natural and non-invasive as it involves no surgery like facelifts, Botox or harsh chemical peels.

Face yoga is one way of restoring your youth from the comfort of your home if you need facial toning but lack time to visit the salon. Facial yoga is much focused and therefore allows you to work on particular muscle groups. This reduces the probability of wrinkling areas not affected by creases and other aging signs. Performing face yoga in front of a mirror will help you ensure that you are not grimacing unnecessarily as you workout particular areas. Concentration on particular areas of your face will work against resistance and thus tone your facial muscles. If properly done, common expression lines like nasolabial folds can be smoothed out. Toned muscles get shortened and taut as opposed to lengthened muscles which enhance sagginess.

Benefits of Practicing Face Yoga

The yoga exercise relieves tension and strengthens the facial muscles which in turn reduce the formation and appearance of eye bags and dark under-eye circles that give you a dull, tired look. Learning to control your facial movements can help you slow the appearance of wrinkles which make you appear older than your actual age. For instance, to reduce the appearance facial wrinkles or sagginess, sit or stand relaxed and inhale slowly through your nose. Next, open your mouth widely and lower your jaw with your tongue curled out toward the chin. Open your eyes wide with your face turned up and exhale through your mouth. Relax and repeat the movements at least three times to strengthen your facial muscles.

Exercising your face with yoga improves blood circulation to various muscle groups and revitalizes the skin’s texture. Healthy skin from within easily absorbs most facial treatments like moisturizers and enhances the youthful glowing look. Good circulation also boosts collagen production for a radiant natural glow.

Toning your face through facial yoga is not a one time activity if at all you desire to see notable results. A few minutes spend on focused facial movements at least three to four times per week can revive the upper, middle and lower face without any cost or use of harmful beauty products. The facial movements should however be done properly to avoid permanent formation of furrows and wrinkles on the face. Optimal face yoga results are evident after three to four weeks of regular exercise.